hey, hot stuff. lets thrust.

thrust- to push forcibly; shove; put or drive with force: to push or force one's way, as against obstacles.


i believe real representations of beauty are starting to become the new norm. i'm here to challenge the typical perception of beauty and show you the real, raw and unapologetic side. bringing inclusivity to the forefront is long overdue and i'm here for all of it.

real recognize real. and i'm the realest.

booty issues? i got you, boo. i’m solving world booty issues. i'm cruelty free, non toxic, vegan friendly, made with wildcrafted and organic extracts, oils and butters to keep your phat booty, phat.

i'm always fragrance free and made without toxins so your booty is safe when it uses me. i'm made in small batches so you get the best of the best because you're more than worth it.

all booties apply.

i don't discriminate. i'm here for all the booties. i pair nicely with all religions, ethnicities, sizes, genders and sexualities. give me a try. i won't disappoint.

for you. by you.

this is your brand. i'm here beacuse of you. it only makes sense that my products start with you in mind. always. i'm here to help create what you want and need in effective skincare.

help name products and come up with ideas for new products.

email or dm and let's chat!

do you need me?

nope. butt if you want me, i've always got your back, boo.

don't be afraid to take me home and get to know me better.  #letsthrust